In the present article, I will illuminate you about the Cisco IOS favored Executive mode order named “clear crypto isakmp.” CCNA’s (like you) utilize this order to clear dynamic Web Key Trade (IKE) associations.

The following is the order’s linguistic structure:

clear crypto isakmp [connection-id] [active | standby]

association id-This (discretionary) contention baxiamarkets is the ID of the association that will be cleared. On the off chance that this contention isn’t utilized with the order, all current associations will be cleared as a matter of course.

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dynamic This (discretionary) catchphrase is utilized to just clear (eliminate) IKE security affiliations (SAs) that are in the dynamic state.

reserve – And, this (discretionary) watchword is utilized to just clear IKE SAs that are in the backup (optional) state. Keep in mind, on the off chance that the switch is in reserve mode, the switch will promptly resynchronize the backup SAs; consequently, it might show up as though the backup SAs were not cleared.

In the model underneath, all current IKE associations are being cleared:

Router#clear crypto isakmp

Note: You can utilize the favored Executive mode order named “show crypto isakmp sa” to show (view) current IKE SAs.

Furthermore, assuming that you choose to utilize the order, ensure your router(s) is running Cisco IOS 12.3(11)T or higher.

I trust this article was extremely useful and assisted you with rapidly understanding the use of clear crypto isakmp order. On the off chance that you really want to find out more; I recommend you visit my site, were you’ll find the most recent data with respect to the Cisco CCNA (640-553) Security test strategies to assist you with filling your heart with joy somewhat more brilliant.

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